Business finance is better together

Onboard team members quickly and instantly. No lengthy paperwork or branch visits
Funds safeguarded with Tier-1 banks in Singapore

Empower your team and save time

Manage finances together

Grant users access with advanced permission settings, or even their own Aspire card

Advanced user permissions

Assign the right level of access for each user, and easily add or remove users whenever you need

Improve business visibility

Get real-time insights and notifications of team members account activities. Be informed of who’s paid what and when

Onboard your organisation in a couple of clicks

Bring your entire organisation onboard with advanced user roles and permission settings. Choose between Admin, Finance and Employee roles. Add or remove users whenever you need, in a matter of clicks

Grant the right level of access with advanced permission settings

Allow team members to make transfers, submit transfers for approval, or only view transactions based on user permissions. Empower your teams by assigning budget owners, or delegating work such as making payments, process invoices, bills, claims and more

Scale your processes with approval flows

Set up processes and approval flows that scale. Your team can help you save time on laborious  tasks, while you approve only the important things
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Stay updated on company activity in real-time

Be informed of team members' account activities and manage user account access anywhere, anytime

Experience the all-in-one difference

Save time, save money, and scale faster with everything in one place.