Go borderless, without the hidden fees

Whether you're sending or receiving international payments, you're always getting the best rates at Aspire via our partners¹, up to 3x cheaper than the banks.

Receive international transfers, 3x cheaper than the banks

Receive international transfers in 50+ currencies, with conversion rates 3x cheaper than the average bank², and 19x cheaper when compared to PayPal.

The real interchange rates are applied³, with a transparent 0.5% fee.

²See how we calculated our savings here
³Reuters buy rates

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A cheaper, faster way to send money abroad

Transact at the mid-market exchange rate with low, transparent fees.

With our calculator, you'll always know the true cost upfront - no hidden fees or surprises. Try it out in real-time.

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5.72 SGD

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Stop overpaying on FX today

Easy, fast, and transparent. Aspire gives over 10,000 business owners their money and time back
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Make international payments without breaking the bank

Make international transfers and card payments with radically low fees, up to 4x cheaper than banks.
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Spend less on FX, more on growth

Make fast and easy payments

Own multi-currency accounts to pay your vendors via local or SWIFT transfers. Make online purchases with corporate cards.

Save on transaction fees

Convert and pay in over 30+ currencies at low, transparent fees up to 4x cheaper than banks. No inflated or hidden fees.

All your payments in one place

Track and manage all business expenses in one place, integrated with advance spend management tools to help you grow.
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Free local transfers and market-leading rates for international transfers

Save on unnecessary fees with free local transfers in SGD and USD. Send money across the world and convert to 30+ currencies at mid-market rates with low transparent fees, so you only pay for what’s necessary.
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Make card payments in native currencies

Spend like a local with no conversion fees when you pay in SGD or USD. When you do need to make a foreign currency transaction, enjoy market-leading FX rates up to 4x cheaper than banks.
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Fully transparent with no unwanted surprises

Avoid sneaky hidden charges on your payments. Where possible, any charges and FX rates are shown upfront so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

See the difference in savings

Try our foreign transfer calculator for real-time, indicative rates. See how Aspire is a cheaper, faster, and more transparent way to send money abroad.

United States Dollar
Exchange rate
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Our fee

5.72 SGD

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*The calculator above is an indication of our real-time rates for SGD foreign transfers. Actual exchange rates may differ based on the use case. For the most updated and accurate rates, please access them by logging in to your account.
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Integrated with your accounting software

Close your books twice as fast, with all transactions synced with major accounting software. When you're building in hyper-growth mode, there's no room for errors.
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Experience the all-in-one difference

Save time, save money, and scale faster with everything in one place.