Employee reimbursements at your fingertips


Easy for everyone

Intuitive and painless submissions translate to higher quality data and a bird’s eye view

One-click reimbursement

Fuss-free for finance teams. A delight for the organisation

Categorised correctly

Account for business expenses under the right budgets, synced with your accounting software
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Reimbursement claim made easy for everyone

Employees can submit any expense claim on the go. Finance teams are notified regarding new reimbursement claim applications in real-time. Reimburse claims the same way you pay other bills
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One-click employee reimbursement

Experience the benefit of a claims process built into your operating account. Disburse claims with a single click and delight your teams - they’ll appreciate not having to wait until the end of the month to get reimbursed
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Categorise business expenses the right way

Stop mingling business expenses with payroll. Categorise claims under the right budgets and sync it all with your accounting
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Integrated with your accounting software

Close your books twice as fast, with all transactions synced with major accounting software. When you're building in hyper-growth mode, there's no room for errors
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FAQs about reimbursement claims

What does a reimbursement refer to?

Reimbursement is the compensation paid by a corporation to it's employee when an employee makes an out-of-pocket payment for the benefit of the corporation.


Is reimbursement same as refund?

No. Reimbursement is the settlement of out-of-pocket expenses incurred by an employee whereas a refund is when a corporation pays back the customer for goods or services purchased earlier from the said corporation.


What is an example of a reimbursement?

Here's an example of reimbursement: Let's say an employee purchased flight tickets for a business trip using their own personal card since the corporate card was not available. He then submits a reimbursement claim, for this amount, to the comapny, given that he spent the money for business purposes. The company, subsquently reviews and approves this claim, and pays back the flight ticket cost to the employee. The money is thus reimbursed to the employee.


Is reimbursement a compensation?

Reimbursement is when out-of-pocket expenses are paid back to employees, whereas compensation is when employees are paid for their time or effort.