Google Office Singapore: 10 Fun Facts about Google's APAC Headquarters

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Zachary Pestana
Last Modified on
December 29, 2023

Google is known for its swanky spaces and the incredible benefits it provides to its employees. In 2016, the tech behemoth shifted its Google Singapore office along the west coast. The purpose-built space is gigantic, vibrant, and perhaps the coolest office space in Singapore. 

Our team had the privilege of an exclusive tour around the Google Singapore office, which also happens to be its Asia Pacific headquarters. Here’s a glimpse of all that astounded us at the Singapore Google headquarters. 

10 Fun Facts About the Google Singapore Office

1. Say Hello! 

The first thing we noticed when we walked into the Google Office in Singapore was the giant assembly of screens at the reception. It displays the different happenings at Google. The atrium connects blocks 60 and 70, located centrally with large spaces so that people can bump into each other. Quite the social setup at Google Singapore.

2. Travel Within the Singapore Google Office 

There was no doubt that the Asian Google headquarters would be huge, but we didn’t expect how much it would cover. You can tour the whole of Singapore and South Asia from the office. Wondering how? Well, all of Google Office Singapore meeting rooms and floors are named after MRT stations, local languages and local phrases. It’s also got names from regions such as Malaysia and Thailand.  You can see some of it in the GIF above. How creative is that? 

So in the Singapore Google office, conversations may go:

A: "Hey, where are you sitting today?"

B: "Oh, I'll be in Novena if you wanna find me!"

A: "Be there in five; I'm coming from Rochor."

3. Throw Back and Relax

We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own "to-do list" - Michelle Obama

How does a spa sound after a long and dreary workday? Splendid, right? What if you could unwind like that in the middle of your workday? Google Office Singapore employees have that luxury in the Google headquarters itself. The office provides salon and spa services for their employees right in the office quarters so they can get that quick pamper fix without having to seek it elsewhere. 

If only pictures could capture the divine scent of the salon and spa room! While you’re there, you’re sure to forget that you’re still at work. 

4. Take a Nap 

As if a massage room wasn’t enough, Singapore Google headquarters also has a room where employees can take a quick nap. The bunk beds are pretty cosy, and there’s a massage chair in there, too, in case you’re feeling lazy to trudge up to the spa room. Has your jaw dropped yet? Pick it up, ‘cause there’s more! 

5. Grab a Bite 

If you're an employee at Google Singapore, you no longer have to worry about bringing snacks to work—they have everything you need right here in the office! Google's office used to be famous for its unlimited supply of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. While we didn't manage to catch sight of any ice cream tubs, there seemed to be an unlimited supply of snacks that ranged from healthy to unhealthy. They had every imaginable kind of fruit, granola bars, nuts, chips, and everything else in between. Google has a cool trick to help its employees eat healthier – put the healthy snacks on top where it’s easily accessible and hide the unhealthy food, making it tougher to get to. 

6. Not Enough? Try Something Fancy!

As if free snacks just weren't enough, the Singapore Google headquarters has a team of talented chefs to prepare hot meals for everyone in the office. The options range from burger stalls and Mexican food to local cuisine as well. This allows employees to get quick and easy access to food without having to leave the office. With the tables and plating neatly set in their biggest dining hall, you can enjoy a fancy breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. What's not to love?

7. Bali-Vibe Workspace

"Googlers can choose the workspace that best suits their style or the tasks they need to focus on just for that moment," a Google spokesperson told CNBC.

While employees have their own office desks and designated workspaces, they also have the option work in common spaces that can encourage them to think differently. For instance, there is a workspace that resembles a Bali-inspired café right outside the salon and spa area. It has lush plants and comfortable seats, as seen in the GIF above. If you're looking for an Instagrammable work spot with direct sunlight, you know exactly where to go.

8. Cool Meeting Rooms 

You know how they say the space you’re in can force you to think differently? Google Singapore is filled with opportunities like this! Every floor in the Singapore Google headquarters has a special meeting room called “immersion rooms”. These rooms are decorated uniquely. For instance, there’s one called the Junk Room that has weird artefacts and other things you may throw out but gives the room a cool new vibe. 

9. Build With Your Hands 

Heard the saying all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy? Well, Google office in Singapore has a solution! There’s a spot in the Singapore Google headquarters that has a desk filled with Lego. You can just chill out there, build something with your hands, or even drop off your children there for a bit. Ought to keep them busy for a while. 

10. Get Smart with Google

Google Singapore has a corridor with smart LED lights that can be programmed to say anything you want. For instance, if a top official is stopping by the Google Singapore headquarters, then the lights can say a “Hello!” message! It surely is a smart office at its best! 

The Google Singapore Office's Growth Story

In 2007, Google opened its first office in Collyer Quay, Singapore, with only 24 employees. They've since called Mapletree Business City II in Pasir Panjang their home. Now, they occupy blocks 60 to 70 and take up the property's entire third to eighth floors. 

It’s hard to imagine where they started out now that the Google team has famously grown to a staggering 3,000 employees in Singapore alone. The Google Singapore office also doubles as its Asia-Pacific Google headquarters.

During the pandemic, Google Singapore shut down its office and moved its employees into a remote setup. Since the easing of the pandemic, the office space has gradually opened up, with employees returning to a hybrid model. 

Whether at home or in the office, Googlers connect through clubs, cultural celebrations and support groups. This helps them connect with their hobbies. A bonus fun fact: Google Singapore has the largest board games group of any Google office in the world, with 600+ members and 200+ board games. 

The Cool Things That Googlers in the Singapore Office Have Worked On

Singapore Googlers have got their hands dirty on many Google products. Employees also work in areas such as sales, marketing, finance and business operations. 

Here are some of the cool things Google Singapore employees have worked on:

  1. Google Pay’s cool new Menu Discovery feature comes from Singapore. The Googlers here noticed that food and beverage shops were facing a hard time during the pandemic. To help boost their business, Google now lists local merchants on its Menu Discovery page for free!
  2. Singapore was Google’s first Cloud region in Southeast Asia. 
  3. Google Singapore has 3 data centres that power the heart of Google. They are also the most efficient and eco-friendly facilities in Asia. 
  4. Singapore is the regional hub for YouTube. 

Wrapping up the Google Singapore Office Tour

After our visit to the Asia Pacific Google headquarters, some of our members shared a few interesting and useful insights, which could be helpful to small business owners, HR executives, and anyone who wants to improve their working environment. Here's what they had to say:

  1. A workplace could and should be fun. Although the office is where your employees will spend half of their day in, it doesn't mean it can't be an enjoyable place! Companies don't necessarily have to provide salon and spa services – something as simple as providing free coffee and tea or healthy snacks can keep employees motivated.
  2. Investing in employees = Worth it! This will improve employee retention and attract potential employees to work with you in the long run. If you treat your employees well, it will act as word-of-mouth marketing for your business. Happy employees tend to share positive feedback with the people around them, which will earn you and your business brownie points.

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Final Word

On top of our visit to the Google HQ, we also visited the Accounting and Finance Show in the same week. Held in Suntec Convention Centre, this event is Asia's largest free-to-attend accounting and finance event, which celebrates the latest technology and solutions, as well as the masterminds behind them. It is through events like this that we are reminded of our mission and purpose.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Google choose Singapore to be its Asia Pacific Headquarters?

Google Singapore is the headquarters for Asia Pacific as well as home to three data centres in Jurong. According to the tech giant, there are plenty of reasons why they choose Singapore as their Asia Pacific Google headquarters - reliable infrastructure (including access to the region’s most extensive subsea cable network), skilled workforce as well as Singapore’s renowned business-friendly environment are some of them.

How to get to Singapore Google headquarters? 

Located in Mapletree Business City (MBC) along Pasir Panjang Road, the Google headquarters is easily accessible through multiple road networks and MRT stations. The nearest MRT stations to the office include Pasir Panjang, Labrador Park, and Telok Blangah Station.

‍How do I visit Google HQ Singapore?

Fortunately, visiting Google headquarters in Singapore isn't complicated. The lobby is open to members of the public, but touring around the office is private. You will need to get an invitation from an internal employee before attending any of Google's events to visit the headquarters. Head over here to look for upcoming google events.

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How do I get a job at Google Singapore? 

You can check out the openings at Google Singapore here and apply for a position if you match the requirements.

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